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We don't want a standard method! You'll be entitled to a tailor-made service.

The consequences of a selection error during recruitment are far-reaching (including the time and money lost during the whole process). What's more, they always have an impact on team motivation. To limit these risks, we offer you a range of recruitment and development assessment formulas that enable candidates to be evaluated as closely as possible to the expectations and challenges of the position.

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We are fully committed to the success of our customers' projects,

and always do our utmost to deliver the best possible return on investment.

Maud Planche

Specialist in change management,
personnel selection and coaching

Siham Mechidi

Human resources specialist
and personnel selection

Anaïs Frey

Human resources specialist
and personnel selection

Do you want to limit the risk of a recruitment error?


Coming from the world of change management consulting, we have a wealth of experience in understanding our customers' contexts.

We have the courage to share our recommendations on the choice of candidates.

Our recruitment assessments are designed to minimize the risk of selection error. They are structured around the following flexible process:

  • Precise, in-depth identification of needs in terms of skills and behaviors
  • Creation of tailor-made, contextualized operational scenarios
  • Creation and personalized debriefing of an individual DISC psychometric profile
  • Day or half-day skills assessment by experienced, trained consultants
  • Honest and transparent oral and written feedback to candidates and our customer

Will you be bold enough to trust an innovative method?


Our experience has shown us that, more often than not, recruitment failure is not a problem of unidentified "job" skills, but of difficulties in integrating the company's values, as well as the personality of the person hired.

You're the only one who knows your company's culture inside out, which is why our INssessment method puts the emphasis on assessment by a large panel of people from the team (hierarchy, direct and indirect colleagues, partners...).

Our methodology seeks above all to limit cognitive bias, which is one of the main challenges in recruitment.

Watch our video to have a better understanding of the process!

What do you do to encourage your employees to develop their skills?


A development assessment is a unique opportunity for your employees to take stock of their social skills.

Only on the basis of this assessment can you put in place an action plan to support them in their development.

Choosing a development assessment means sending a message of support, recognition and confidence to your employees - 3 key levers of motivation!

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Why we are different

Do you think that leadership skills are reflected in the same way in the banking sector as they are in the social sector, for example?

Our core business is supporting change.

The arrival of a new colleague or manager is certainly a source of disruption within a team and can have an impact on work processes and corporate culture.

Therefore, our main desire is to reduce the margin of error in recruitment as much as possible. Of course, because we are dealing with the human factor, there is no such thing as zero risk!

What do we do to achieve this objective?

  • Reduce the impact of our cognitive biases which are the number one source of error in recruiting
  • Create customized scenarios based on the operational challenges of the position and your organization's culture

Our experience has shown us that hiring failures are most often not caused by a lack of "professional" skills, but rather by the person's difficulty in integrating with the company's values, and by a personality mismatch with their direct reports or team.

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