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Founded in 2007 in Geneva, our company was initially active in the management consulting and management training markets.

In 2009, we started to conduct business transformation projects and we specialized in change management. In 2016 we launched our assessment activities, first for our own needs and then to strengthen our clients' recruitment processes. In 2018 we launched our solution for monitoring engagement and psychosocial risks. Also in 2018 we have opened offices in German-speaking Switzerland.


We are deeply committed to the success of our clients' projects and always strive to deliver the best possible return on investment.


We are consistent with our convictions and our skills: we say things frankly, even if it means displeasing people. We say what we are going to do, how we are going to do it and we do it.


The changes we implement are reliable and sustainable. In addition, we empower our clients by taking advantage of our mandates to transfer part of our expertise in change management to their teams.

Our Team

Alexandre Graf

CEO & Consultant

Founder of Shake and specialist in change management.

Fields of expertise: Industry, retail, public administration, pharmaceuticals, services

Laura Haller

COO & Consultant

Specialist in business intelligence, HR indicators and risk management.
Fields of expertise: banking, insurance, services, industry.

Maud Planche


Specialist in Change Management, Personnel Selection and Coach.

Fields of expertise: Public administration, construction, services, etc.

Virginie Claude


Specialist in training and communication engineering specialist.

Fields of expertise: various

Jérôme Chanton
Consultant for industrial issues

CEO Kugler Bi-Metal SA
For Shake: Special Advisor to the Industry Sector

Anaïs Frey


Specialist in human resources and personnel selection.
Fields of expertise: banking, services, etc.

Chris Krüglstein 

Media Manager

Siham Mechidi 


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