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We advise you on the transformation of your organization and place special emphasis on aligning your teams with your strategic vision. We bring experience in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, strategic realignment, and process improvement.


Using our digital tool, yumodata®, we collect and process data about the working climate in your organization. This allows us to objectify the progress of change and manage risk effectively.

Psychosocial risk MONITORING

The world of work, especially in times of change, is fraught with psychosocial risks. We identify and manage these risks to avoid sickness absenteeism, which is expensive for the company and destabilizing for teams.


Selecting good managers is difficult in normal times and becomes critical during a transformation. We use innovative assessment center methods to help you make the right choices.


Every transformation plan creates training needs. Whether it is knowledge or behavioral development, we offer all of the latest adult learning techniques to create and deliver the most cost-effective training for our clients.


Everyone needs help sometimes to adopt new practices or to find a new footing in a new role. We coach your teams or key people to embrace and drive change.

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Why we are different?

Alexandre Graf, CEO

We work at the interface between the rational dimension of strategy, goals and processes, and the emotional dimension of the people who make up an organization. Contrary to what large consulting firms and their disciples tell us, managing change is not just a question of numbers and processes.

While the choice of a strategic reorientation must be based on a rational analysis, its implementation is essentially based on the often irrational decision to stick with it and commit to it. At SHAKE, we know how to effectively combine the rational and emotional dimensions to get an organization behind a strategy as quickly and effectively as possible.

We have developed all of our services with a single goal in mind: to make change happen for our clients in the most efficient way possible.

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