Coaching Key People Accelerates Change!

Our coaches are all change management consultants. They can understand the company's issues while helping the individual progress.

To coach or not to coach?

Nowadays, everyone is a self-proclaimed Business Coach, regardless of whether they're trained or experienced.

Coaching can’t be improvised!

At Shake Swiss SA, we offer our clients the opportunity to use a certified and experienced ICF coach.
Our skilled coaches will help the person being coached to:

  • Set a clear and realistic objective
  • Identify internal and external resources
  • Find their own real solutions to achieve their objective

Coaching involves supporting and guiding a person to find the most appropriate solutions for their own way of working.

Why we are different?

Coaching is offered as part of our consulting services. We always start our engagements with an immersion phase, which allows us to gain a clear vision of the company's culture and potential process issues.

Through close collaboration between our consultants and our client, the most appropriate coaching strategy will be defined that is in line with the company's values.

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