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YuMoData : relevant HR indicators!


  • YuMoData HR Basic

    "According to your needs, we help you to identify,

    calculate and produce the KPI's necessary to manage

    your human capital on the basis of your internal data."

  • YuMoData HR Performance

    "YuMoData HR Performance allows you to choose your indicators,

    measure them at regular intervals and have a global view of

    the KPI's throughout your organization."

  • YuMoData HR Performance : Plans d’actions

    "YuMoData HR Performance also allows you to track action plans

    by indicator, according to PDCA ISO standards and to live

    a simple continuous improvement approach."

  • YuMoData MSST

    "YuMoData MSST allows the detection of burnout and harassment risks with the possibility

    to get in touch with resource persons by a simple click as well as a measurement

    every 6 months assure you an excellent compliance with MSST standards."